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They've done it. Those little Google Ads are amazing. They really do change and match my content even if the content on this page is not completely one subject but many subjects they manage to figure out what have I updated here.
It's a pretty amazing and powerful search engine I will say, they automatically configure to your browser's language - I admit I find it quite annoying at times when I do I search and my search is limited to just Japan just because my browser is Japanese. Why don't they have a country/language drop down menu so users can select which country they want to search if they really wanted to? Their new way of categorizing and listing websites, which  don't allow for the old fashion submit site is amazing and I have to say that I think I have created a pretty good website such that I have been placed at the very top of the Google search engine for the past month and a half! I guess good content truely is important to a good website and not just a bunch of hype. I have to admit that I often fail to pay much attention to my web stats , but I found it quite astonishing that this blog IF I write in it regularily gets on average about 15-20 hits a day with the average person sticking around for about 15 minutes! I never imagined that anyone would be wanting to read my content at all, let alone bookmark/refer me.
I have been reading a lot on web advertising lately and on average people tend to judge the content of a website in the first 10 seconds. I have never really believed this but after glancing at my stats and thinking about my own web browsering habits it probably is true.



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