Mass Production ESL?

The school seems to be quite well respected to the degree that

they are conversational based using foreign speaking English
teachers. The students are expected to memorize sentence
structures and no more so the children seem to do very well
if they are good at rote memorization but ask them a question
outside the text book they have no idea what you're talking
Good in a way but I am finding more and more that they lack
a grasp of grammer. I notice this when I introduced the SVO
pattern and immediately got improved sentences from students.
Most of them haven't the slightest clue what is a verb is and they
really need to know I think. I think the parents like this because
the children seem to be able to advance fairly rapidly from level
to level but I question their grasp of grammer and ability to do
any creative writing/speaking. I am beginning to teach a little
more about the world and slowly including bits of my
cross-cultural curriculum (against school policy) but I think
They seems to believe in being culturally neutral and I find it to
be boring as hell but on the contrary they want us to teach about
Christmas!?!?!? Why?!? some christian holiday?!?
I'm not sorry I just taught it by glossing over it very quickly
hehe ... ; )
I do really like their phonics books I think they are very well
thought out and the children really enjoy them and really do
understand the basics and can expand on the basics to be
able to read more complex words.

After four months here in Taiwan we finally had sum guy
from head office down to observe. Not very good feed back
at all. They seem to just tell teachers what to do without
telling them any clear details as to how to do it. I have asked
about how to improve a Junior High School class - get them
talking but the guy just ignores me.

The classes from CE1 to CE6 are alright but after that the
books are all crap. The sentence structure goes right back to
where they started from "what's your name"!

MASS PRODUCTON ENGLISH I guess, make them memorize
everything, delivered a-culturally but introduce Christmas as
the only culture! Does that make sense? They seem to think so
but I sure don't get it. I've tried to ask if I could teach other
materials because the children don't like the reader but they
say YOU MUST use the material. Does this sound more like
a dictatorship?



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