Well, well well what's going on here?

When the going gets tough it means you should quit and move
onto something more rewarding! I wouldn't think that as being
too unreasonable. Would you?

So it is not the second time the school is attempting to change
my schedule without my consent or at least not giving me
reasonable time to change the schedule. I don't think I am
asking for too much, just ask me first before doing things
behind my back.
It happens all the time, and I am not about to be silent about it
anymore. I am a professional foriegn language teacher with
university degree and over six years of experience in teaching
English and Japanese and they think that they own me just
because they have my signature on a piece of paper?

No one can have ownership of any human being - ownership
of human beings is more like slavery. I teach five days a week
with Sunday and Tuesday being my days off. Without any
continuous weekend, without a strong grasp of Mandarin,
without a car or motor scooter, without public transportation
how can one survive in Taiwan and accept these conditions.
If you knew this beforehand, would you accept this job?

Private schools are manipulators and they think they have
ownership of you, they think that once they have your
signature on paper you are their property. This is how
private schools operate throughout much of China.

---BEWARE of private schools
---BEWARE of private corporations
---BEWARE of private entrepreneurs
---BEWARE in the man or woman in a business suit

---Human beings are not property



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