Why ESL?

Nearly six months have passed since I've arrived on this island called Taiwan and as an artist working in a diverse array of media - photography, stone, clay, beads, glass, Hi-Tech, etc etc - Clay is my most worked with media. I need my clay.

When you teach for a living at an English school that does not allow for children's creativity to develop nor do they allow for any creative input from teachers - YES it is a very boring school and life in Taiwan does become boring as well, - I need something to take my mind off the daily repetitiveness of English.

I have often thought why learn or why teach English? There are plenty more very useful languages out there to learn/teach - Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hindi to name a few of the world's more populous languages. Certainly they are more colorful in culture and history than boring old English, which is in fact a relatively new language.

English is just another imperialist language - just wait just as soon as the United States falls and China takes over and we'll all be learning Mandarin. It has probably already happened to some degree such that most large corporations have moved from Japan to Mainland China because it is cheaper.



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