An idea for language teachers - A blog assignment

This neat idea came from a colleague of mine when we were having
trouble coming up with new ideas to teach. Most students have an
interest in computer games/the internet first of all teach them the
basic computer hardware/software vocabulary in the target
language then move from that to navigating the internet, explain
browers, scroll up/down, address bar etc. then teach them about
blogs and how to set up a blog in the target language. This will
require a prepared handout so that the students can follow along
at home. Obviously the first instruction will be scroll down and
change language to the target language. So long as all instructions
are give in the target language and the conditions for the
assignment will be to post in the target language the students
show be able to follow along.

Excellent way of improving motivation and at the same time
learn to use the English in class to communicate with the world!
For those who teach at schools this may be a good way to promote
the school too!



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